Sunday, August 29, 2010

Absurd Patents From the U.S.A.!

Head Boom
  US Patent Issued In 1979
Let’s say you have a job that requires you to look down all day.  You could be a jeweler, a draftsperson, (do they still exist?) or someone that has to study fine detail.  These types of jobs can strain your neck and your back, making work very uncomfortable.  But never fear, the Head Boom is here!
This wonderful work aid clamps onto your desk with the adjustable boom extending to your face.  You simply rest your forehead on the boom’s soft sponge (#21) and work your little heart out in comfort.  And NO SLEEPING!

Happy Camper
US Patent Issued In 1985
Sven is a happy camper.  Why is Sven so happy?  Because it's cold outside and his new Happy Camper sleeping bag allows him to unzip some zippers and poke his arms and legs out and walk around.  Why walk around in your sleeping bag?  So you can answer Mother Nature's call, that's why!  Other strategically placed zippers allow you to open strategically placed openings for necessary nighttime relief, all within the comfort of your warm, downy sleeping bag.  Oh sure, there may be a draft or two but it sure beats leaving your warm bag.  Might we also recommend the 
Is it just us or does Sven look like a big burrito for bears? 

Tree Tugger
US Patent Issued In 1997
A good golf swing can benefit from strong, upper body golf muscles.  And what better way to build those G-muscles than by crawling into a big circular, padded yoke kinda thing and strapping it to a tree with a giant bungee cord? 
Once you are strapped in, you need only to twist your torso left and right and the resistance building bungee cord will do the rest. As a bonus, the inventor suggests the tree hugger will also improve your game by teaching you proper swing position.  Once you get in this thing, we hope you can get out and remember... lightning likes trees so use on sunny days only.

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  1. Lol the Tree Tugger is the stupidest thing I have ever seen in my life..

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