Monday, August 30, 2010


Funny Pranks

I lol'd

I think this box says "HEY take a look"

I could not stop laughing for the longest time on this last one!

Best alarm clock I have ever seen!!!

I wish I could have one of these!!

Hooters Girl Barstool Beer Trick

Misc. pictures I've recently come across.. *Added a few more*

Oops! -Aviation edition


Hey guys come check out my brothers new blog!

Tons of beautiful women will be uploaded for your viewing pleasure ;)

Rate My Mullet

   " Rate My Mullet .com is a place where mullet lovers and haters alike can join forces and take an active part in voting and commenting on the worlds best and worst mullets. As you can see, we divide our mullets into two sections. The first being 'Senior Mullets', which are mullets over the age of 18. The second category is 'Junior Mullets' which contains some of the world's top up and coming mullets. "